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Pickup plows into house

70 miles per hour, plowing in to a house? I hope that kid is never allowed to drive again. My-not's scary enough already. :\

What are the chances that alcohol was involved in some way?


What is stupid is that he ran away! My god, does he not know that the tags on the truck will trace back to him, much less his friend still in the truck? Nutter!
I know!! What a huge idiot; I hope that gets 'em more jailtime! The passenger stayed on the scene, too; like that wouldn't have helped with identification! My-not criminals are so very, very stupid.

At least the passenger stayed and called for help. What a rational, responsible person was doing with such a reckless, dangerous idiot is a complete mystery.
Exactly! Why the rational person didn't take the keys from the idiot is a mystery, too.
I'm choosing to believe that the kid didn't *appear* drunk before getting in the vehicle and going on a nuttertastic joyride, trapping the passenger with 'em.
Or maybe the passenger was just as drunk, but still had a braincell left to call teh cops. :-\
Eh, even if just as drunk or drunker, at least the passenger wasn't dumb enough to be the driver!
So true!
Hopefully they'll never be that stupid!
Indeed, let's hope! Let us also hope they have no relatives down here. Drunk neighbors on riding lawn mowers is bad enough.
99.9% of all people related to North Duhkohtahns live in North Duhkohtah/Minnesota, Seattle/Oregon, or Arizona (you know, using my family and the obituary page as being 100% true for everyone). I think that you're safe!
*throws quarters*
Pacman for everyone!
oooh, Pacman, yay! You know, you can't even read our conversation on this page now...

I have it open in the plain Eljay style (clicked off of frenz page), so I can read it. :D
Heheh. I shall have to do it now. :D
Now I just notice the "driving under the influence" thing. :\

And that the stupid boy only got a few blocks away -- hopefully, driver's license taken away for life!! We have enough bad drivers roaming free.
He probably will, but a nutter like that won't be stopped by said laws, he'll drive his new hunk-a-truck around regardless!
Then I'm hoping for jail time!!


Parental unit and I went to see the poor house that got hurt, and I'm seriously confused as to *how* the kid hit it! It's a residential road -- from one side, there's a caul-de-sac, so probably didn't come that way. From the other, there's a rather large curve a block from the house, so the nutter managed the curve (at 70 mph!), managed to not hit the cars parked on the street, then did a sharp turn in to the house, not disturbing the houses on either side of its victim. That's crazy!

There are some apartment buildings on the road a few blocks before the nutter did the random turn in to the house -- it could have been worse!
Drunk people manage to do REALLY stupid things... and they always live through it!

If he doesn't get jail time, maybe one of your murderers at large up there will kindly break his kneecaps.
Why do they always have to live? It's not fair!! Culling the gene pool used to be more effective.

For the one confirmed murder that doesn't have a suspect yet... it seems for said murderer to go after the drunk boy, we'd have to dress 'em up as a pretty young woman living alone. :\ If the nutter gets drunk again... hmm... it could be done!
Either that or bribe the murderer? Maybe he or she has a partial conscience!
If I could find the murderer, I'd turn 'em in instead! Looks like I'll have to do the knee breaking myself! >:D
That sounds like a round of fun! Maybe you'll get a reward!
I'll be a town hero!
You could get a parade!
Hopefully one with clowns handing out candy!
Oooh. Clowns with candy are the best.
They so are! Parades are boring without them.
Who would even acknowledge a parade without them?!
Some old people who just like being out of the house. :D
Come now, you know it to be true!

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