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Queen of the Rodeo - by JenJen

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the stupid continues

School has been sort of keeping me busy, and I totally haven't posted this yet here. For shame.

Some warheads "accidently" loaded on to some B-52s and flown across country

The news started out reporting six warheads that went on the joyride, but the story changed to five shortly thereafter. Extreme stupid (people who lose track of nuclear warheads obviously can't count, among other things) or massive conspiracy/coverup? Oooh, the possibilities.

It's My-not -- I'm going with massive idiocy.

While looking at our newspaper site for mention of this story, I spotted a new trend going on in My-not: Negligent Parents who leave their kids home alone or in cars while they get drunk and/or hang out in the almost strip bar.

Maybe the murderers have calmed down?

ETA: For all those curious about My-not's gas situation... the last posty I made here (August 28th) said that gas was $3.149/gallon. It went up to $3.249/gallon not long after that, and now it's down to $3.099/gallon. Slowly going down, but we're still a popular gouging target. :(


That negligent parenting thing... heck that's been going on for decades. Don't see anything new there. Granted, I wasn't a little child but at about age 13 I was left sitting in the car outside the bar.

Oh, and the gas problem, total bs IMO. My uncle in WA is paying $2.64/gal. We're being ripped.
On the newspaper site, the two stories were side by side. I thought that it was the same incident, so it seemed odd to me! I was left in the car, too, at 13, but two and under is just wrong... Maybe they're just starting to crack down on it? Still, sure beats the news on our murders and missing nukes.

Yea, I don't believe that there's a gas problem. The gas price peaked just before Labour Day, and if you go to the edge of My-not or in one of the littler towns near us, the gas is at least ten cents cheaper. I assume that it's the same for the rest of the "big" towns in ND. They're definitely setting it as high as they can, making up strange stories about tax problems and gas shortages.
Ya... love the latest excuse they have. http://www.kxmb.com/getArticle.asp?ArticleId=161536 More pipelines into here. Funny how Fargo's always had lower gas prices but it's never been about the pipelines but just gas station wars. How does that explain WY or MT being lower? Aren't they just as remote as us, can't imagine they have lots of pipelines flowing through there either.

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