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Stop for Jack Frost

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Ghosts in My-not

What with Halloween twenty-two days away, I'm checking out the haunted legends in North Duhkohtah. Most sites that show up with Google use this page as their only source. Interesting stories there, but some of those places mentioned there (like Camp Mondak) only seem to exist on that page. :P

My-not's only main "haunted" place that gets mentioned elsewhere is Home Sweet Home. Meh. May be fun to check out the river there at 4:30 a.m. on Halloween, though!

Because of the moving of the cemetery, people claim that the dorms at MSU are haunted. There's also some weird stories that went around when I was in high school about Central Campus (downtown) being haunted (by students who drowned in the pool that used to be there??). People start the strangest things.

I've heard before that the Air Force Base is supposedly haunted. Odd.

In my searching for these things, I found the most hilarious conspiracy theory: some nuts are claiming that people involved with the nuke mishap are being murdered one by one. Silly!

Also funny is people brushing it off as a "simple mistake." Who lets these morons near nuclear weapons?


The Norsk Høstfest starts tomorrow. yay!



Camp MonDak

I'm from Bottineau and I have a friend who lives near Dunseith. When he was younger he used to live across the street from Camp MonDak and said that he's not sure about the truth of the people being murdered at the camp, but that 2 people were murdered in their home nearby when some campers got out. He said that the place used to be like the Boy's Ranch and not a normal camp.

October 2007

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