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Ghosts in My-not

What with Halloween twenty-two days away, I'm checking out the haunted legends in North Duhkohtah. Most sites that show up with Google use this page as their only source. Interesting stories there, but some of those places mentioned there (like Camp Mondak) only seem to exist on that page. :P

My-not's only main "haunted" place that gets mentioned elsewhere is Home Sweet Home. Meh. May be fun to check out the river there at 4:30 a.m. on Halloween, though!

Because of the moving of the cemetery, people claim that the dorms at MSU are haunted. There's also some weird stories that went around when I was in high school about Central Campus (downtown) being haunted (by students who drowned in the pool that used to be there??). People start the strangest things.

I've heard before that the Air Force Base is supposedly haunted. Odd.

In my searching for these things, I found the most hilarious conspiracy theory: some nuts are claiming that people involved with the nuke mishap are being murdered one by one. Silly!

Also funny is people brushing it off as a "simple mistake." Who lets these morons near nuclear weapons?


The Norsk Høstfest starts tomorrow. yay!
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Psycho Maggie

animal invasion!!

Hmm... Minot Daily purges their stories after a week.

So, first we were worried about beavers. (I wish I could find the beaver harassment hilarity on another site :(.)

Then piggies. (More of a Bismarck thing, but My-not Daily decided that we should be worried about feral swine, too!)

Now it is mountain lions!

ooo, scary.


Elsewhere, there sure seems to be a lot of construction just starting around town for some reason. October is next week, and we should be getting freak snowstorms soon. Not when I would choose to start construction...

Our gas has fallen to $2.95. Well, some stations still have it at $3.00, thinking that we won't notice. Uh huh, gas shortage.
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Queen of the Rodeo - by JenJen

the stupid continues

School has been sort of keeping me busy, and I totally haven't posted this yet here. For shame.

Some warheads "accidently" loaded on to some B-52s and flown across country

The news started out reporting six warheads that went on the joyride, but the story changed to five shortly thereafter. Extreme stupid (people who lose track of nuclear warheads obviously can't count, among other things) or massive conspiracy/coverup? Oooh, the possibilities.

It's My-not -- I'm going with massive idiocy.

While looking at our newspaper site for mention of this story, I spotted a new trend going on in My-not: Negligent Parents who leave their kids home alone or in cars while they get drunk and/or hang out in the almost strip bar.

Maybe the murderers have calmed down?

ETA: For all those curious about My-not's gas situation... the last posty I made here (August 28th) said that gas was $3.149/gallon. It went up to $3.249/gallon not long after that, and now it's down to $3.099/gallon. Slowly going down, but we're still a popular gouging target. :(
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More stupid My-not headlines

Today's Minot Daily News let the dangers of pigeons be the lead headline. I think that they're just trying to make us afraid to go near another bridge again...

Buried under this incredibly useful and interesting article, they slipped in an article that told us that North Dakota currently has the highest gas prices in the lower 48.

Yea, distract us with pigeons instead of telling us about gouging at the gas pumps.

Currently, in My-not, gas prices are sitting at $3.149/gallon. Given the coming Labour Day weekend, it seems that we're being taken for as much as possible, doesn't it?

And everyone just accepts it. :\
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this wacky town!

Oh, My-not.

Currently, this is the lead article on the Minot Daily News website. Look how long it is! We already have a Snopes article about this alleged incident (which has been updated to include this SHOCKING REVELATION!!), why is it being reported again? :P

The rumours about Christina Aguilera's fair performance are way funnier, anyway...

Other local news sources are currently filled with equally interesting drivel: our new state fruit has surging popularity! a new lentil plant! model airplanes fly near My-not! Rugby watertower dies!!

All very interesting.

The tornado in Northwood, though... I feel bad for those people! :(

ETA: this headline is "Seniors at the Beginning of the End." Seems a poor choice of words, doesn't it? At first, I thought it was about prepping geriatric areas for the inevitable.
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how long before this stupid gets caught?

Manhunt in My-not area

Why would anyone come to My-not (from Louisiana, then southern Minnesota) if they were on the run, let alone Drake and Velva? There are easier ways to get to Canada. :|

Link 2, Link 3


Now more on our local EXTREME STUPID!

Check out the comments on this article. People are defending the stupid drunk. But thanks to those comments, you can look up to see what an amazing screwup the kid is. :D

You can also use it to see what amazing screwups your relatives are.
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Hmm... that last entry was a little dull, so here's another to keep this community rockin'.

Next month, My-not is hosting the Souris Valley Garlic & Grape Festival. I'm not sure what that even is, but it sounds fun!! I've already seen signs around town advertising it -- it must be a big thing. :\

And we get a Great Tomato Festival this week. The fun never stops in My-not.


The city's events calendar looks long, but it goes through 2010. Nice padding, My-not.

Notice on the city's website, too, that it says "This catchy slogan is used so people can remember the correct pronunciation of Minot... 'WHY NOT MINOT?' (my'not)"

They should just officially change the city's name and be done with it. :D

"My-not" is way cooler than "Minot." Unnecessary dashes are very in right now.
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Pluto cut from F-List

Annie's Mailbox

Does anyone check out Annie's Mailbox. Not that I like to read it or anything, but it's right across from the comics page! Sometimes I can't help it. :\

One of today's letters, it seems that someone from My-not (or Grand Forks?) got published! (I'm choosing to believe that it's My-not instead of Grand Forks, just so it's relevant.)

If only someone with a more interesting problem got to represent our dinky little town.
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